Project News

Aug 2009 Silent Revival is currently seeking team members to contribute to the development and future production of the project. We want to build a team of people with complimentary skills including scriptwriting, dance, composition, performance, cinematography and new media. Successful applications will be invited to take place in a project development workshop at the Red House Centre for Culture & Debate in Sofia from 23nd to 25th October 2009.

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July 2009 Bambo Soyinka and project assistant David Sinden visited Sofia to meet with Margarita Dorovska from project partner InterSpace and with the British Council Sofia office and to research possible Silent Revival workshop venues. The Red House cultural centre in Sofia was selected as an ideal venue for the workshop which has been scheduled for October 2009. The Red House will also provide accomodation space for visiting workshop participants.

June 2009 Bambo Soyinka travelled to Athens to meet with Vlassis Komninos and staff at the Greek Film Archive, to research the collections of early silent films and devise initial plans for the Silent Revival project.